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Ogden Legion Indoor Games-April 30, 2016
OLPB Indoor Highland Games Results 2016
2016 Ogden Order of Play
Red Deer Highland Games-June 25, 2016
2015 Results for Red Deer Highland games
Red Deer HG Pipe Band Comp
Red Deer HG Quartets
Red Deer HG Fanfare
Red Deer HG Drum Major
Red Deer HG Tenor and Bass Drumming
Red Deer HG Side Drumming
Red Deer HG Piping
Ellerslie Highland Games-June 26, 2016
2015 Results ESS Highland Gathering
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ESS Pipe Band Events
Fort Edmonton Highland Games-July 9 & 10, 2016
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Pipe Band Competitions - Ft Ed
Saturday, July 11th Pipe Band Events
Sunday, July 12th Pipe Band Events
Drum Fanfare Ft Ed
Piping Quartets- Ft Ed
Drum Major - Ft Ed
Tenor Drumming- Ft Ed
Bass Drumming- Ft Ed
Side Drumming- Ft Ed
Individual Piping- Ft Ed
Foothills Highland Games -August 27, 2016
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FHG Drum Major Events
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Calgary Highland Games-September 3th, 2016
CHG Drum Major
CHG Drum Fanfare
CHG Piping Quartets
CHG PipeBand Events
CHG Tenor Drumming Events
CHG Side Drumming Events
CHG Piping Events
Canmore Highland Games-September 4th 2016
Canmore Piping Events
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