Calgary Highland Games Information


Entrance to the Games:  As either an Individual or Band Competitor your name will be on a list at each Gate. You can enter through any of the Gates. At the Gate you will be provided a wristband to be worn through-out the day.

Competitor Number:  Pick up your Competitor Number at the P&D Tent in the morning.  The registration desk will be open at 8 am.   All platforms start at roughly 8:30 am. check your platform as some may start at 8:00am

Event platform and play time will be on the back of your competitor number. REMEMBER these times are not fixed, you will have to check with the Steward to let them know you are there, and they can tell you how the event is progressing.

Parking: You can drop off at the Gate before finding a parking space in one of our parking lots. There is NO parking on the roadway. The MD will not budge on this – tickets will be issued

Band Areas:  There are three band areas please see the attached Site Map for directions. 

      If you are bringing a Band trailer to the site for set-up this needs to be done prior to 7 am in the morning through Gate 4. If you are arriving in the afternoon assistance to ferry instruments on site can accomplished from Gate 4. (a cart can be called to help) Otherwise, instruments can be dropped off at the Gates - parking is allowed in the designated parking lots only.  



Individual Piping & Drumming competition – 8:00am – 12noon

Opening Ceremonies – 1pm

Band competition start – 3:10 pm

Massed Bands start – 5pm