At the conclusion of each season the Music & Grading Committee review the results of the seven ASPD sanctioned competitions (Ogden Legion, Red Deer, Edmonton Scottish (Ellerslie), Fort Edmonton, Foothills, Calgary and Canmore) to determine Individual members and their grade placing..  During the season Judges are asked to adjudicate each performance and provide a performance rating for each Individual player.  This rating combined with committee member  input are considered when determining grade promotions.

Appeal Form

Members who feel that their assigned grade is inappropriate are encouraged to complete a Solo Competitor Appeal Form 

The Music & Grading Committee will then review your form and inform you on their final decision for your designated grade.

Please email all documents to the Music Committee at email address

Good luck to all competitors for the 2017 season!

Music and Grading Committee 


PROMOTIONS FOR THE 2017 SEASON  Updated as of April 19, 2017


Chanter to Grade V

Clara Aellen

Keaton Baines

Grade V to Grade IV

Aiden Ross

Mikaela Kuefler

Jonas Bystrom

Frank Wilkie

Campbell Britton

Cameron Rose

Grade IV to Grade III

Luke Sjostrom

Grade II to Grade I

Meagan Maxwell

Ryan MacKay

Willard Farmer



Drum Pad to Grade V

Grade V to Grade IV

James Stevenson

Tim Wu

Grade IV to Grade III

Elizabeth Decorby

Annalisa Siik

Grade II to Grade I