Edmonton Scottish Society Highland Gathering June 24, 2018

Edmonton Scottish Society presents Edmonton’s largest and oldest Scottish Festival Piping, Drumming, Band, Heavy Events and Highland Dancing Competitions; Clan Tents; Sheep Dogs; Scottish Food & Wares; Knights of the Northern Realm & Scottish Country Dancing demos.


Grant MacEwan Park,

3105 - 101 St. S.W.

 Edmonton, AB



Edmonton Scottish Society Highland Gathering Website




Please contact Jennifer Preza @   jpreza@shaw.ca  with any questions or concerns.  

The ESS follows the rules as set out by the ASPD and reserves the right to cancel events as required.


In Consideration of your submitting an entry, you will, for yourself , your heir(s), executor and administrators, waive and release any rights for damages you may have against the Edmonton Scottish Society, its agents, representatives, successors and assignees for any and all injuries suffered at or through the aforementioned events.